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Where has all the Water Gone?

Posted on 2:14 am | in Educate With Me! Blog

Educate With Me! brings you another simple science experiment from our Science With Me! (Science With Africa!) series. As spring times approaches and we have more reasons to head outside with the kids this is a fun experiment to do with them. Katy who is only 4 years old did it!! My 12, 10 and [...]


How to Spark Your Child’s Success in Science!

Posted on 6:17 pm | in Educate With Me! Blog

A parent can make a big difference in how a child views science.Seemingly small but crucial acts can spark a child’s desire to know more about the natural world. A word of encouragement, or an attitude of curiosity, may be the tipping point that leads your son or daughter to an early interest in science. [...]